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About us
Dancle Distribution LTD has 6 years of experience providing Romanian products to the UK market

We have a constant growth, now serving more than 500 clients, mostly small grocery stores across UK, now having 2 distribution centers in London and Birmingham.

Over 2500 products, covering more than 14 products categories, from meat and dairy products to vegetables, sweets, snacks or beverages are available for sale.

We offer a wide range of food, preserved vegetables, fruit and meat, dairy products, pastries, soft drinks, cold and friable meat products and dishes.

We are the number one provider of Romanian products in London in more than 6 product’s categories.

Development of the Romanian opportunity
We can support you in several ways in order to make the most out of Romanian products. Full backing for listing any Romanian / Eastern European products; Please check our catalogue Developing a “Romanian produce corner” (shop in shop) Limited time events – Romanian fair Develop private labels for key Romanian products: we can provide branding & packaging development, product sourcing, marketing support Category management in order to maximize sales value Also, because we come with a great experience in the distribution business in Romania, we can also bring you on request other products that you ask for.
Our mission
Expand access to traditional products from Romania and East Europe by offering a quality experience to all customers from the UK market
Our vision
We want to be a food seller distribution leader and one of the best options in the UK market for Romanian and East Europe tradition food brands. We aim to create a diverse portfolio of products that provides a complete and qualitative offer to all customers.
Our values
Commitment to customers, built on tradition, cooperation and quality products According to this values of our company, every employee is a professional who demonstrates tea spirit, loyalty to the company and its partners and a constant desire to improve its performance.